Issue 25. 2017

Scientific papers of the Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet (2017) : Collected articles, vol. 25. Kyiv, IBCSB


The collected articles highlight the results on scientific researches carried out by scientists from research and educational agricultural institutions of Ukraine and near abroad. They are dedicated to new technologies of growing, processing, and storing in crop production and related sectors of agricultural production.

For researchers, experts, lecturers and students of agrarian universities.

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Honcharov Yu. O., Shytikova Yu. V., Melnyk S. I., Sihalova I. O. Estimation of allele status of β-carotene hydroxylase1 in maize inbred lines918.57 KB
Doronin V. A., Dryha V. V., Kravchenko Yu. A., Doronin V. V. Weight variability of miscanthus rhizomes as affected by the application of absorbent at planting973.06 KB
Kornieieva M. O., Tymchyshyn S. M., Tymchyshyn L. S. Characteristics of the components of sugar-fodder hybrids suitable for biofuel production816.59 KB
Chemerys L. M., Kornieieva M. O., Fedorenko I. A., Zmiievskyi V. M. Efficiency of selection by ploidy in tetraploid populations of pollinator components of sugar beet MS hybrids863.1 KB
Іvanina V. V., Pavuk I. A. Economic and energy efficiency of sugar beet growing under alternative fertilization programs832.66 KB
Kalenska S. M., Yeremenko O. A., Taran V. H., Krestianinov Ye. V., Ryzhenko A. S. Adaptability of field crops to changing conditions of cultivation833.39 KB
Prysiazhniuk O. I., Korol L. V. Photosynthetic activity of pea as affected by agronomical practices under the conditions of the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine879.47 KB
Присяжнюк О.І., Топчій О.В. Формування елементів структури врожайності сочевиці залежно від строків сівби, мікродобрив і регуляторів ростуPrysiazhniuk O. I., Topchii O. V. Formation of lentil yield components as affected by sowing timing, micronutrients and growth regulators816.36 KB
Сторожик Л.І., Музика О.В. Фотосинтетичний потенціал посівів сорго цукрового в умовах Центрального Лісостепу УкраїниStorozhyk L. I., Muzyka O. V. Photosynthetic potential of sugar sorghum under the conditions of the Central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine839.92 KB
Fuchylo Ya. D., Haida Yu. I., Sbytna M. V., Fuchylo D. Ya. Growth and productivity of energy poplar plantanions under the conditions of Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine826.08 KB
Blyzniuk A. Yu. Biometrics of grain sorghum as affected by seeding timing819.4 KB
Tsvei Ya. P., Bondar S. O. Weed infestation of winter wheat in various crop rotations832.78 KB
Vorozhko S. P., Hryshchenko O. M. Harmful entomofauna of sugar beet agrocoenosis833.93 KB
Makukh Ya. P. Peculiarities of the formation of the miscanthus yield during joint vegetation with weeds901.56 KB
Sabluk V. T., Omelianovych R. V. Species composition and density of soil fauna in different farming systems in the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine809.31 KB
Sabluk V. T., Pedos V. P., Zmiievskyi O. V. Efficiency of biofungicides against the damage of sugar beets with cercosporosis 807.13 KB